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 some usefull seo tips

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martin b

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PostSubject: some usefull seo tips   Wed May 19, 2010 3:43 pm

Basic SEO

1. Put the descriptive keyword within title tag, this will make search engine robots recognize your page quickly and know what the content is all about. Title tag is located on head tags, therefore insert descriptive keyword or key phrase that describe on your pages, this way your chances to gain targeted traffic will be a lot bigger.
Not to forget, be sure the title tag contains text which a human can relate to. Because they will be appeared in a search result page (s).

2. When you make an anchor text to link your page from different page or different blogs, make sure the anchor text is the same with text of your title tag. This is very useful if you have many pages or linked by many others blogs.

3. Another recommended way is the text you put within the title tag must also be put within the body of the page. It will be weird if text of title page are not found in the body of the page.
By this every reader that clicks on your page that appears in SERP will be ensured that they clicked on the accurate link and landed at the page where they seek to visit. Robots love this because of there’s relevance between the title of the page and the headline.
Also, sprinkle your keywords throughout your article. The most important keywords can be bolded or colored in red. A good place to do this is once or twice in the body at the top of your article and in the sub-headings.

4. Make sure you Do not utilize the same title tag on every page on your website. This way, your pages will be likely not get indexed or crawled because of SE Robots will think that all of the pages are the same.
I often use the headline of my pages as my title tag, this is meant to assist the robots knows quicker and exactly what my page is all about. The most good place to add the headline is in the h1 tag to make it the same as the title tag tex.

5. I said it before and will say it again now, DO NOT SPAM the description or meta tag keyword by stuffing meaningless keywords. All SEO experts are in one voice that this kind of technique is no longer effective.

6. Do not link to link-farms or other search engine unfriendly neighborhoods.

7. DO not use doorway pages. Since search engines like to crawl visitor friendly homepage/subpage that contains relevant content to the keywords searched in SE, therefore DO not use doorway pages, because they are designed only for robots, not for visitors.

8. Title tags for text links. Insert the title tag within the HTML of your text link to add weight to the link and the page where the link resides. This is like the alt tag for images.
My site contains navigation menus on the left and right of the page. The menu consists of links not images. When you hover over the link with your mouse, the title of the link appears. View the source of this page to see how to add this tag to your links.

9. Use the alt tag to gives description of our images. Alt tag will assist robots that crawl your images to find specific pages in your site and consequently help SE user who use text only while Googling.

10. Build one-way link at the proper amount to help your page/homepage position in SE.

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Lucky Amery

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PostSubject: some usefull seo tips   Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:51 pm

SEO algorithm is an ever changing process. The optimization in this year will not consistent in next year. So a long term commitment is required to the process of optimization.

SEO requires the patience to obtain the result. It may come after months or years. Time requires even more for the small and new players in this web industry.

It is needed to perform good research before to hire a SEO agent or company. The SEO technique is very much important to determine the performance of a website. The optimization should be better in order to get the higher rank respectively. It is totally dependent on the SEO companies how they work on it. Therefore it is essential to have talk with them and try to know their process of work, the algorithm and the risk involved in it. After talking with them, it is also essential to research by own on their said words. These will reduce the risk factors and increase profit after words.

There is always the best thing to learn by them. The SEO techniques are quite interesting. There is a lot of good and informative website available on this topic. Also there are a number of good books available which can give useful lessens on SEO techniques.

The web analytic software is essential at the beginning of making the website and optimizing it. This is useful on tracking the right and wrong part of the business. The goal should be specified and proper analytic software is needed.

The major point of concern is the website itself. The website should be the attractive and most important is informative enough to result good in market. The website should be look wise the contrast in color, appealing to eyes, and full with useful information. But it should be always in mind that information shouldn't be overloaded. The visitors do not like the extra information which they do not require at all.

The use of site map is essential when the website have big or medium size. The visitors found easy to find the necessary information and do not have to go through the each and every page of whole website. This saves his time and also his satisfaction level increases.

These are few tips for the right SEO process and Wealthy Affiliate has more information to share on this topic.

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PostSubject: Basic SEO   Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:00 am


Basic SEO includes first of all Keyword Research.
Then using those keywords in Title
Meta Tags
Anchor Text
Content ets
Then you can add
Robot.txt file
And continue it with some back linking.

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PostSubject: Re: some usefull seo tips   Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:09 pm

As far as we all know that SEO is one of the best and easy method to get traffic to your website. There are numbers of businessman using SEO for promote their products and services.
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PostSubject: Re: some usefull seo tips   

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some usefull seo tips
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