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 Making Successful Facebook Campaigns

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PostSubject: Making Successful Facebook Campaigns   Sat May 01, 2010 2:35 pm

Facebook is a advertising system that I have hated for a while. The number of campaigns I have tried on it are huge while the number of successes are so dismal. To advertise on Facebook really takes a certain type of person and understanding of marketing.

Mindset to make a Successful Facebook Campaign

First off, if you're a big Search Engine Pay per click person such as myself, you have to completely change how you think of structuring campaigns.
With most search pay per click advertisements you are paying for advertisements on things people are actively looking for. With facebook however you're trying to get peoples attention on something they may or may not be looking for.
Instead of aiming your search keywords at a particular thing people are looking for, you now have to dive deep into the mindset of a person who you are wanting to buy from you. Who are the people who GENERALLY buy this product? Who are the people who have general interest in the product you are trying to sell.
The great part about facebook is that you can target your campaigns VERY well. You can make campaigns to 27 year old females in California who like the show family guy. It's all about who you are trying to sell to.


Now that you are thinking in the terms of what your target demographic, it all comes down to ads. Ads are really the most important thing with Facebook.
If you have a good Ad, then you can really make a good chunk of change. Your Ad's click through rate is almost directly proportional to the amount of traffic you will receive. Ads with a CTR of 0.1% and below are a lot less likely to be shown.
If your ads have less than that, chances are you're going to have to pay a nice chunk of change to supplement that low CTR.
One of the single biggest things you can do to increase your ad CTR is to change the image. The image is what is going to catch the eyes of your viewers and thus has one of the biggest impacts on your CTR.
The next is obviously the headline.


Overall facebook can result in nice profits but it really does take a good amount of work to discover which ads work. You have to target the right people, test a TON of ads, get the high CTR, and overall probably have your ad copied after a few days.
That being said, I wouldn't consider facebook a long term campaign money maker. It's a short term campaign system unless you either own the offer you are promoting such as a service or store or have an exclusive affiliate campaign that is limited to a few people.
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PostSubject: Re: Making Successful Facebook Campaigns   Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:08 am

Sounds great, thank you for the info!
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Making Successful Facebook Campaigns
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